Our mission

Working together to ensure homelessness in ND is rare, brief and non-recurring.

North Dakota’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is administered by the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA).

Learn more about the CoC application process for CoC funding.

The Point-in-Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Count (HIC) are annual point in time counts required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under its CoC Program. 

Coordinated entry is a powerful tool designed to ensure that individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness are matched with the right intervention, among all of the interventions available in the CoC, as quickly possible

EdApp is a new online training platform. In addition to training on core compliance and best practices that we would like members to complete, the site has a CoC and CARES overview.

The goal of the YHDP is to support selected communities in the development and implementation of a coordinated community approach to preventing and ending youth homelessness.

What is a Continuum of Care?

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is a Housing and Urban Development program designed to:

  • Promote community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness;

  • Provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers and state and local governments to quickly rehouse individuals and families experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals, families, and community by homelessness;

  • Promote access to and effect utilization of mainstream programs by individual and families experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness; and

  • Optimize self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

North Dakota Continuum of Care

The North Dakota-500 Statewide Continuum of Care is the unincorporated organization created to fulfill the responsibilities of the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act. The CoC is composed of representatives of public and private organizations that come together to plan for and provide a homeless response system that is dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in the State of North Dakota. The CoC’s organization structure is multi-tiered to ensure the opportunity for broad input throughout the state and across stakeholders, while designating staff and leadership to carry out the specific goals and responsibilities of the CoC. (Adapted from the HUD Continuum of Care 101)

North Dakota has one Continuum of Care and the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency acts as the Collaborative Applicant for the ND Statewide CoC. The CoC geographic area encompasses all 53 counties, its cities, towns, and unincorporated areas, as well as the 5 federally recognized tribes.