The North Dakota-500 Statewide CoC is the unincorporated organization created to fulfill the responsibilities of the HEARTH Act and serve as the planning body dedicated to organizing the statewide plan to prevent and end homelessness. The CoC Membership Committee ensures a statewide commitment to preventing and ending homelessness and must represent a diverse body of stakeholders geographically and throughout the homeless response system.


  • Provide input into the annual CoC plan.
  • Provide input into the design and evaluation of the ND homeless response system.
  • Approve Governance Charter and bylaws changes.
  • Elect members to the CoC Board and act on behalf of the CoC at the last full membership meeting of the calendar year.
  • Approve the HMIS Lead Agency and HMIS vendor.
  • Approve the CoC Collaborative Applicant.

For more information on how to become a member, please download and complete our Membership Agreement.