The Board serves as the HUD designated primary decision-making group and oversight board of the North Dakota Statewide Continuum of Care. As the oversight committee of the CoC, and its members, the Board will:

  1. Ensure that the CoC is meeting all responsibilities assigned to it by HUD regulations;

  2. Represent the relevant organizations and projects serving homeless sub-populations;

  3. Support persons experiencing homelessness in their movement from homelessness to economic stability and affordable permanent housing within a supportive community;

  4. Ensure that the CoC is inclusive of all needs of the North Dakota Statewide homeless population, including the special service and housing needs of homeless sub-populations;

  5. Facilitate responses to issues and concerns that affect the agencies funded by the COC that are beyond those addressed in the annual CoC application process.

Board of Directors

Region 1: Jennifer Winter (Term ending 12/31/2022) 
Region 2: Cheryl Merck (Term ending 12/31/2023)
Region 3: Brenda Bergsrud (Term ending 12/31/2023) 
Region 4: Katie Jo Armbrust (Chair) (Term ending 12/31/2022) 
Region 5: Sarah Hasbargen (Term ending 12/31/2023) 
Region 6: Mike Weatherly (Term ending 12/31/2022) 
Region 7: Elizabeth Larson-Steckler (Term ending 12/31/2022)
Region 8: Wendy Moffett (Term ending 12/31/2022)

At-Large #1: Kim Hemphill (Term ending 12/31/2023)
At-Large #2: Zach Rose (Term ending 12/31/2023) 
At-Large #3: Lorraine Davis (Term ending 12/31/2022)
At-Large #4 MiLinda Turner – Youth Action Board
At Large #5 Abigail Katz – Youth Action Board

Advisory Members

NDCHP Representative: Sue Shirek (Interim)
CoC Coordinator: Shawnel Willer
Department of Commerce: Tonya Forderer

If you are interested in becoming a board member for the ND Continuum of Care, please fill out the board application and send to Shawnel Willer at